In 1956 Vasilios Dellios established an individual company for the construction of lifts. Although things have changed a lot since the beginning, the philosophy and the spirit of the business has remained unchanged. The lift industry, Dellios SA, with its many years of activity in the lifts sector, produced more than 260,000 elevator cabins and doors.

The course of Dellios SA was based and is based on the tranformation of “simple” structures to creations of high aesthetics. The stable production quality is officially certified with a quality assurance certificate, following the European regulations.  All sub-products such as button panels, ceilings, handrails, wooden doors, inox corners are produced and disposed separately as production capacity is characterized by unique flexibility and capability.

Dellios SA human resources, consists of technically trained and highly educated people, who, with their knowledge, ideas and aesthetics, perform creations in the best possible way.

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