In 1956 Vasilios Dellios established an individual company for the construction of lifts.

The company initiates production of lift doors.

The company gets established in the newly built private facilities in a 6000m2  plot.

Vasilios Delios’ children, Giorgos, Sokrates and Olga, are added as partners to the company that takes on the name Dellios Vasilios & Sons CO.

The company takes its current legal form as Dellios SA.

The company gets equipped with digital machinery and establishes new standards in its production process.

New expansion of the facilities, to a total of 3500 m2.

A permanent exhibition space is created.

This year we said goodbye to Giorgos Dellios. Son, brother, friend and a most capable manager with important contribution to the company. His memory will live with us forever, guarding our every step.

Retaining quality as our fundamental value, Dellios SA officially acquired the quality assurance certificate ISO9002.

 Year 2002 finds Dellios SA possessing an enlarged production force and a reorganised  department of commerce, based on the rules of modern marketing. Aiming for the European market in addition to conquering a larger part of the Greek market, Dellios SA keeps optimising its equipment and machinery. 

Since 2000 already, but more intensively since 2003 and up to this day, Dellios SA participates in every exhibition relevant to the lifts industry as well as other exhibitions in Thessaloniki, with notable booths; thus gaining an outstanding place in its field.

Dellios SA starts a collaboration with Alpha System, a corporation dealing  in research, design and construction of automation systems, thus becoming one of their most important distributors of bus type automatic doors both in Greece and abroad.

In 2005, Dellios SA initiates collaborations with Balkan countries.

The quality assurance certificate of Dellios SA is converted from an ISO9001/9002 into an ISO9000/2000 according to the Greek industry models.

Opening of the new luxury DELLIOS SA exhibition for lifts and lift doors in a focal point of Thessaloniki.

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